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Momino – the Italian Moma brand’s little sibling

Anyone who is familiar with the Moma brand will be pleased to check out Momino. With an obvious relationship between the brands, Momino is run along the same lines but with a smaller and younger audience for their shoes. The energetic creative team turn out new designs every season, which are faithfully turned into beautiful and practical shoes, designed to keep children well-shod through the exciting adventures that make up their lives. Never stinting on the materials, the children’s shoes are as gorgeous and just as well-made as the adult shoes made by the older company. So your children can wear a smaller version of those highly fashionable and well-designed masterpieces.

How it all came about for the Momino brand

Momino was launched in 2000, but was many months in the planning beforehand. The idea behind the brand was to create truly unique shoes for children who are just discovering themselves and the world around them. With a similar level of talent poured into the Monino project, it’s no surprise that it became easily as popular as the Moma version. Nowadays you can buy Momino shoes in countries around the world, including the EU and further afield.

Caring for Momino shoes

With truly beautiful works of art like Momino shoes, it’s important to teach your kids some elementary shoe care principles. Any shoes made of natural materials like leather, suede or rubber should be kept away from sources of dry heat, so even if your child has enjoyed splashing in puddles on the way home, you should encourage them to stuff the shoes with paper to dry them out, rather than taking the quick but potentially damaging route of using a direct heat source.

Momino online at Footway

What is it about the Momino shoes that has captured the imaginations of so many children? It could be the amazing quality, the vibrant colours or the sheer sense of fun that has gone into the designs. Whatever the reason, at Footway, we’re happy to provide your children’s next favourite pair of shoes quickly and easily. Place your order in minutes by clicking to put the chosen shoes in the basket and then following through to the checkout. We’ll be happy to receive any feedback that you’d like to impart, so if you have an idea for how we could make our website simpler or more user-friendly, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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