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Monitor - shoes for hard work

The Monitor brand make hard shoes for protection while you’re on the job. Whether you’re a road worker, builder or have another potentially dangerous job, Monitor have just the thing to keep you healthy and safe and your feet protected. Like many amazing shoe brands, Monitor is a Scandinavian initiative, which is now spreading far outside the confines of the Scandinavian market. Look to Monitor for protective and highly visible equipment when you have an essential job that may keep you out in cold, wet and dark conditions.

Monitor shoes – made for the hard workers

Monitor made a name for themselves by designing footwear and other protective equipment for the safety industry. The key values behind the shoe designs are performance and protection. Innovative technology is put to work on traditional designs to create an upgraded shoe model that is breathable, sock-absorbing and will keep your feet safe and visible in the harshest conditions. If you love your work and are dedicated to getting the job done, you couldn’t do better than Monitor for all your clothing and equipment needs.

Monitor shoes and shoe care

Take care of your shoes and they will take care of you. It’s an old adage but particularly relevant when it comes to the safety gear provided in the Monitor range. Whatever you think about Swedish designers, you can’t deny that they are serious when it comes to safety, so look after the shoes that might be your best friends on the job. Keep your shoes clean with a damp cloth or a specially formulated cleaner. You can waterproof them regularly to ensure that they stay dry in bad weather. Let shoes dry in the open air rather than on a radiator as the direct heat may damage them. If you need to, invest in a second pair that you can alternate with, to make sure you always have a dry pair available.

Monitor online at Footway

'Safety first' applies to online shopping as well. We’ve done everything we can to protect our payment process from hackers, so that you can complete the check out and payment process for your new Monitor shoes with peace of mind. Whether you’re buying one or several pairs, the basic procedure is the same. We work hard to streamline every stage of the process, so that you can order your shoes quickly and be one step closer to enjoying the comfort and safety of Monitor footwear.

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