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Muckboot shoes carry you through any challenge

Muckboot was founded back in 1999 to meet a specific requirement. The American founders wanted to make a shoe that would be great for horse handling as well as other demanding activities. The shoes became a huge success and the company went on to designing a variety of shoes. Still to this day, Muckboot shoes are renowned for being durable and functional, in stables as well as out in the great outdoors. Muckboot’s collection includes high quality shoe and boots. They are engineered to handle hard wearing use, also in harsh conditions. Whether you are looking for Muckboots shoes to wear at the stable or boots you can use for various outdoor activities, we have a suitable shoe for you.

How to care for your Muckboot shoes

There are numerous ways to care for your Muckboot shoes, depending on your shoes and where they have been used. As Muckboot shoes are worn outside in any season, they tend to get muddy and very dirty. Start by scraping off mud from the soles and rinsing them off in water. Often, rinsing the shoes goes a long way. If you have any stubborn stains, you can scrub them with a shoe brush. As the shoes are waterproof, they are not very breathable. To ensure that your shoes from Muckboot last longer, clean them as soon as they get dirty and store them in the open rather than in a bag, to enhance ventilation.

Muckboot shoes are an unbeatable combo of design and function

You’ll quickly notice that boots and shoes from Muckboot are high quality in several aspects. Their design is clean-lined, often in darker colours. Even the more colourful models have a darker hue. This is one of the reasons why outdoor enthusiasts, as well as other people who prefer to keep a low profile when it comes to their footwear, love this brand. Many of Muckboot’s shoes are also suitable as hunting shoes as well as work shoes.

Order your Muckboot shoes from Footway

Don’t go through any unnecessary troubles to get your hands on your very own Muckboot shoes – order them from us. In our selection you will find shoes and boots for both men and women, high and low models, comfy winter boots and steel toes. At Footway, you can find a pair of practical shoes that will meet your specific demands, for every season.

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30 results
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