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Muddus – shoes for the great outdoors

The Muddus brand shares its name with a dramatic national park in Northern Sweden. With a namesake like that, it’s no wonder that the shoes are designed for exciting treks through the great outdoors. The Muddus range includes shoes and boots that are ideal for hiking. Their stiff support and deep tread offers you the grip and support you need while hiking through rough terrain, and the shoes are also equipped with the latest waterproof technology to ensure that your feet stay dry even on rainy walks. Invest in a pair of the best and you won’t regret it on the hikes that follow.

The Muddus brand is great for hiking enthusiasts

When you have a name like Muddus to live up to, you make sure that you invest in the best technology and design so that your shoes live up to the startling reputation you have created for them. That’s the philosophy behind the Muddus brand and the reason that the shoes are so well respected by hiking enthusiasts around Europe. If you’re lucky enough to live in a country with beautiful scenery, you would do well to take time to find the best shoes for your needs. Muddus might be the brand you have been searching for. Check out the selection for more info.

Muddus headline of your choice

Hiking style is pretty much self-defined. Although you can vary the colour and style of your walking gear to some extent, the weather conditions have far more say in the matter. What you can control is the good care that you take of your Muddus shoes and boots. Always clean off dirt and mud when you get home from a hike, and leave the boots in an airy place to dry. You can stuff them with paper to speed up the process.

Muddus online at Footway

Muddus is just one of the many hiking brands that we offer here at Footway UK. You can find other hiking models by filtering your search according to the model you want. We’re proud to offer many quality Swedish brands, as well as plenty of other shoes from around the globe. When you’re as deeply involved in the shoe world as we are, you realise that there are so many great brands out there that it’s no tragedy if you don’t find what you’re looking for at first. Browse away and give us a yell if you find yourself floundering.

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