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What is Napapijri?

What is Napapijri? Aside from being difficult to pronounce… Well, the Napapijri brand is a Danish company that started out by making travel bags and has expanded ever since. Although you might not be here looking for a travel bag, you will certainly be here at Footway to look at shoes (you know this is a shoe store, right?), and we will definitely not disappoint you. In the Napapijri range, we offer shoes for men and women in all styles, from casual sneakers to fancy wedge sandals. Although the Napapijri brand is all about surviving an exploration expedition, the shoes are also suitable for the times before and after the expedition as well.

The story of Napapijri

The brand itself was established in 1987, but shoes weren’t introduced to the range until 2007. We’re prepared to forgive the brand this oversight in light of their great success in making said shoes. The quality materials and craftsmanship is plain to see in this range, as is the commitment to all things cool. The company has stores around Europe and is busy selling their shoes to awesome people just like you; so even though you’re shopping for these shoes online, don’t be afraid. You are in excellent company.

Napapijri shoe care

When it comes to shoe care, a lot of the demands made by your shoes depend on the model you have bought and the type of activities you do while wearing them. If you buy a pair of glamorous pumps and then go mud wrestling in them, there is obviously going to be a bit of repair work necessary to get them looking presentable again. On second thought, mud wrestling isn’t something that we recommend while wearing any kind of shoes. Except maybe rubber ones that you can easily rinse clean.

Napapijri online at Footway

If you choose to buy your Napapijri shoes online here in our Footway web store, you won’t be the first to do that, and definitely not the last. Although we’d all love to pop over to Copenhagen to do some quick shoe shopping, for the most of us, it simply isn’t possible. Hence the Europe-wide popularity of Footway. We let you travel to buy shoes without even needing to leave your browser. In fact, perhaps we should market ourselves more as shoe-focused travel agents… Hmm. This is something to bring up at the next team meeting.

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4 results
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