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Nelly White Label – the special choice

The white label is a special division of the Nelly brand, signalling that extra bit of class and quality over and above their already fabulously good shoe range. When you go for a pair of white label shoes, you’re choosing the very best of the premium leather and suede goods that are on offer in the Scandinavian market today. Nelly is a leading fashion brand with a special focus on glamour and style, so if you’re a fashion-conscious woman and need something with a little extra panache to spice up your outfits, Nelly White Label might have just the shoes for you.

Nelly White Label as a talking point

Experts have debated the question of quality and price. In some cases it seems like you’re only paying for a special label, but in the case of Nelly White Label, the price you pay is really gained back in the quality of the shoes you receive. A great brand to turn to for women in high profile jobs where you will be judged according to your appearance, and with Footway’s great prices, you can get hold of the pair you need for an entirely reasonable price.

Nelly White Label style and your outfits

When you need to put together an outfit for an all-important interview or work event, or even for a hot date, shoes can often be the centre-point that underpin the whole outfit. Although your feet are far away from the centre of your body, the actual centre is often a place that you don’t want to draw attention to anyway! Let people admire your shapely legs and fine pedicure by highlighting your best assets with a pair of glamorous shoes or boots. The White Label message is that all women deserve to look and feel beautiful, so release that inner goddess that you’ve been cooping up in those plain work shoes.

Nelly White Label online at Footway

Once you have your heart set on a pair of shoes, it can be a hard thing to wait for them. Luckily, the ordering process at Footway is so simple, that you will be done with ordering and paying within a few minutes, and that means that you will have all the more time to start assembling the new outfits that you want to wear with the shoes. With our fast delivery, there is no time to lose, so run to the closet as soon as you can!

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