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Neosens shoes – original Spanish elegance

This brand is based in a Spanish vineyard in La Rioja and, no doubt thanks to this inspirational setting, their shoes exude Spanish elegance of the sexiest kind. They have been in business of making beautiful shoes long enough to master certain techniques, such as achieving the balance of comfort and elegance that every woman looks for in her shoes. The originality of these beautiful shoes invites you to express yourself. You can find models for everyday and for those special occasions when you want your footwear to reflect the rest of your outfit.

How to look after your Neosens shoes

Taking care of your Neosens shoes is a given, because once you receive them, you will fall in love and want to preserve them in good condition for the long term. You can clean most models by simply wiping off dust and dirt. The more intricate styles may need a little extra attention. A good tip is to spray the shoes with a waterproofing protection spray before you wear them for the first time. This will help the shoes to repel both moisture and dust and make your cleaning efforts more effective.

Style tips for Neosens shoes

Achieving the ideal mix of elegance and comfort isn’t easy, but Neosens do it with aplomb, and you can join in the party too. One part of the secret is the removable insoles, but the general form and fit of the shoe is paramount. Neosens combine cutting edge technology with superb design craftsmanship and the results are as glamorous as they are exotic and inviting. With wedges, pumps and all kinds of sandals, you will surely find a pair to suit the gap in your wardrobe, and if you don’t, you may find yourself ordering a pair anyway. That’s how addictive the brand is.

Neosens shoes online at Footway

We are all addicted to shoes here at Footway. However, the problem is not so bad that we can’t bear to send out the shoes to those who order them. So if you have set your heart on a pair of Neosens beautiful shoes, place your order and rest assured that your shoes will be delivered within a couple of days. Fast delivery is one of the best reasons for choosing Footway. If you have already browsed our website, you will have experienced the huge range that is another reason for choosing us for your new shoe needs.

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