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Network shoes – the best sneakers for men

If you’re a man on the hunt for your next pair of casual shoes, you might find what you’re looking for in the Network brand. Elegant form and quality materials are held together in an overall concept that screams casual days at home, work or out with the guys. Whether your weekend plans are to traipse round the shops after your girlfriend or shoot some pool with the lads, you’ll have the perfect shoes to do it in with Network. Colours range from snowy white to neutral black without much in between, but if you’re a straightforward black&white kind of guy, that might be just up your alley.

How the Network brand has grown

Like many shoe brands, Network started small but found success when they marketed their shoes at a corner of the market that hadn’t yet been filled. Guys tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion in general, and shoes in particular. Most shoe makers realise that they can make money by targeting women’s love for fancy shoes, and fashion their footwear accordingly. But Network made a name for themselves by grabbing a bit of the market back for the men.

Network headline of your choice

If you’ve gone for a pair of white sneakers, you’ll probably be thinking about how you’re going to keep them clean. Follow our tips to get the best life out of those snowy whites:- Waterproof the shoes before you ever wear them and regularly thereafter. The protective layer helps repel dirt as well as moisture.- If the weather is bad, consider wearing a different pair. All the waterproofing in the world won’t stand up if you’re stuck in a real British downpour. If the skies look bad, leave them at home.- Clean your shoes with a damp cloth and foam cleaner. The specially formulated foam does wonders for removing stains.

Buy Network online at Footway

Online shopping is one of the great wonders of the modern world. Your girlfriend might still love hitting the shops, but it’s probably never been one of your hobbies. That’s why an online store is great. You can quickly pinpoint the shoes you want, place your order and they’ll be on their way without you ever having to leave your comfy chair. If that isn’t a modern miracle, we don’t know what is!

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2 results
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