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Nine West – New York city chic

The Nine West brand is the kind of place you could imagine Carrie Bradshaw and the gang from Sex and the City going to buy their super stylish footwear for everyday use. Although their idea of everyday looks more like our idea of fancy wear for the evening, it cannot be denied that they have great style. Nine West offers glamour and sparkle that will get you through those all-important interviews, pitches, meetings and hot dates. In short, an essential brand for life in the Big Apple, and for many other places besides.

40 years of Nine West style

Nine West was established in 1978 and has thus been around long enough to make all the mistakes they needed to and learn from them. Nowadays the brand has a solid policy of always offering trendy and serious shoes for fashion-conscious women in and outside of New York. Whether you’re looking for eye-catching heels for your high-profile job or something truly spectacular for that important evening event, you cannot go wrong by looking through the Nine West range.

Styling it out with Nine West

The great thing about a truly beautiful pair of shoes is that they can carry your whole outfit, so whether you’re a trouser-suit kind of girl, or prefer skirts all the way, you’ll be able to keep it stylish with a pair of fabulous Nine West creations on your feet. Keep your shoes clean by wiping them down with a damp cloth when you get home and allowing them to dry thoroughly before storing them. Taking a few minutes to look after your footwear really pays dividends in the long run, as it means that they will be in good shape for the next time you want to wear them.

Nine West online at Footway

Nine West is a popular brand around the world and we are pleased to include them in our online catalogue. That being said, they might not be quite what you’re looking for, and that’s totally ok. You can browse through our selection of hundreds of other brands to find the exact pair of shoes to fit your requirements. We have shoes for all occasions, and lots of scope for short-listing, so when you find a pair you like, click on the heart button to add them to your favourites list and remember them for later.

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4 results
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