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Lovely children’s shoes from Ocra

If you’re looking for a pair of cute children’s shoes, why not support a company that puts the environment first? Ocra is an Italian brand that designs and produces amazing children’s shoes for both little boys and girls. The shoes are very cute and come in many nice colours and fun patterns. Footway has a selection of sandals for warm summer days and suede boots for both fall and winter. The brand uses high quality materials such as leather and sturdy rubber soles, so your children’s feet will be protected throughout the day.

Ocra shoes - Environmental focus and Italian design

Ocra is an eco-friendly brand from Italy and this is also where the production takes place. Everything is done with the environment in mind and “back to nature” is even the motto of the brand. Their goal is to produce shoes without any negative impact on the environment and if you like what the brand stands for, you will definitely also like the shoes. The styles are very cute and the materials used are of high quality. The brand gives you different types of shoes for different occasions and most models have a colourful detail that adds a nice touch to the shoe.

Ocra shoes – Care advice

You can find many different types of shoes in Ocra’s collection and Footway has made sure to get a hold of a few of them! We have sandals and flats for summer and spring as well as sturdier boots for winter and fall. The shoes are made of leather or suede and require some special care from time to time. Protect your shoes by using a waterproofing spray when you first get them and keep this up a few times a year. You can get a soft suede brush to clean the shoes, or if you have leather shoes, invest in a moisturising product to keep the surface looking nice and smooth.

Find your children’s new Ocra shoes online

Footway has several shoe models from the eco-friendly brand Ocra to choose from. Parents and children will love these shoes because they are very functional, cute and comfortable. You can quickly go through the ordering process on Footway’s website and even create your own account if you want to come back and shop some more. As soon as the new shoes arrive your kids will have plenty of time to try them on at home without having to deal with a crowded store and limited opening hours. Footway is open 24/7 and you can count on a smooth and very convenient shopping experience.

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