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Oill shoes – Inspired by Copenhagen

The Oill brand is a relatively little-known company based in Denmark selling accessories such as hats, bags, gloves and shoes. They blend Scandinavian simplicity with a raw, truly metropolitan outlook and a feeling for street style. As they draw inspiration from the city of Copenhagen itself, it’s no wonder that these shoes and accessories are something special. At Footway, the range offers possibilities for both women and men. The casual styles are perfect for mixing with an urban focused outfit and the spectrum of colours offers plenty of options for coordination or contrast.

Care instructions for Oill shoes

Your Oill shoes may be your trusted companions on any number of great adventures throughout the city environment. You might find yourself trekking through some fairly dirty situations, so it’s not inconceivable that your shoes will pick up some grime along the way. You can keep them protected by using a waterproofing treatment before wearing them for the first time. This will help the surface of the shoes to repel dirt and moisture and allow you to wipe them clean. Re-waterproof the shoes periodically throughout their life to help them stay fresh and protected.

Style tips for Oill shoes

The colours and prints of Oill shoes are completely modern and urban, encompassing a Danish daring approach to design while retaining a Scandinavian perspective of clean colours and patterns. The colours span a range of pastels and metallic shades, which could be matched with jewellery or clothing to create a sophisticated level of harmonisation in your clothes. You can look effortlessly stylish by matching shades or going for different hues of the same colour. One thing is certain, with these shoes, you won’t be out of place anywhere in the fantastic city of Copenhagen.

Oill shoes online at Footway

As our valued customer, your wish is our command. Just send us your desires by placing an order for a pair of fantastic shoes, and we will fulfill your wish without delay. However, unlike normal genies, you are not limited to just three wishes. You can buy as many pairs of shoes as you like, and we would be the last ones to prevent anyone from exploring the delights of our massive selection of brands. We ship all shoes within hours of receiving your order, so you will never have to wait long for your shoes to be delivered.

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14 results
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