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Palladium shoes – perfect boots for bad weather

The thick soles of Palladium boots can take you through some of life’s toughest times with ease and grace. After starting out as a manufacturer of aircraft tyres from specially formulated rubber, Palladium started to make boots for soldiers of the French foreign legion. The brand became the footwear of choice for explorers and those expecting to face tough conditions. Today’s Palladium wearers are no different. Whether you are facing rough terrain in a physical or emotional sense, your Palladium boots will carry you safely to the other side. The iconic Pampa model will also let you look stylish wherever you are.

Care instructions for Palladium shoes

For both leather or canvas models, you can remove dirt using a damp cloth and mild detergent. It is ok to wash canvas shoes in the washing machine, but not leather shoes. All kinds of shoes must be allowed to dry naturally in the air and kept away from heat sources. You can stuff the shoes with paper to speed up the drying process and maintain the shape. This is also recommended during periods of low use (such as for heavy boots during the summer). Tissue paper is preferable to newspaper to avoid the likelihood of the ink staining the fabric of the shoes.

Style tips for Palladium shoes

With such a strong association with explorers and the great outdoors, you cannot help but put on a more rugged and ready-for-anything persona when wearing these shoes. As such, they are perfectly matched with khaki and beige trousers or shorts. There is a wide range of colours, so you are free to express your personality while maintaining the necessary support and protection during your travels. Why not choose an eye-catching colour and match it with some accessories such as sunglasses or a hat. There is nothing in the rulebook to say that intrepid explorers cannot also be cute.

Palladium shoes online at Footway

Palladium shoes are built to last. This means that our pleasure in sending out a brand new pair of beautiful Palladium boots is all the sweeter because it happens less often. Once you have chose the pair of perfect Palladiums, waste no time in heading to the checkout to place your order. We pride ourselves on having developed a simple ordering process, and we work hard to make sure that the shoes are shipped to you as soon as possible after your order has been received.

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