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Pinocchio – shoes for colourful kids

Pinocchio is a children´s footwear brand that focuses on colour and style.Kids that wear Pinocchio are kids that are aware of style and fashion.Working with materials like solid rubber and leather, Pinocchio is giving your child a high quality shoe with a comfortable fit.With features like zippers and push-buttons it will make it easy for your child to put them on by themselves.Pinocchio footwear is the perfect choice for your active children and the brand gives them fun and playful shoes with a comfortable fit on their feet.

Pinocchio - shoes for everyone

Pinocchio makes shoes in many colours and styles. One of the brand's bestsellers is the Pinocchio sneaker, which is a stylish sneaker with a comfortable fit that your child can run around and play in without any cares in the world. The most popular colours in the collection are pink and blue, but there are many other colours to choose from as well when buying a pair of Pinocchio shoes.Pinocchio designs shoes for both boys and girls and is a popular choice when choosing a pair of quality shoes for your child.

Take care of your Pinocchio shoes

As children are running around and playing all day their shoes gets worn out faster. Pinocchio shoes are no different. As they are made of leather and other materials, it is important to use the right shoe care products for the specific model. Also remember to always waterproof them, as children want to be out and play in any kind of weather. Giving your Pinocchio shoes some extra care from time to time will make them last longer and when your oldest has outgrown them they can pass them on to the younger ones. This is an excellent choice for your child who will run around with happy feet all day.

Shop your Pinocchio shoes on Footway

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