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Pippi Longstocking – everyone’s favourite

The Swedish author Astrid Lindgren’s favourite character Pippi Longstocking has her own children’s footwear brand. Pippi, with her plucky and funny personality makes shoes that have a fun and playful design with lots of colours. With shoes and boots in the collection you will find something for your kids to wear both at daycare or school and in their spare time.With Pippi shoes it won´t be a hassle to get your kids to put their shoes on. Having their favourite character on their feet all day will make them so happy and satisfied. Check out Pippi shoes today on Footway.

Pippi – come rain or sunshine

The Pippi collection includes a variety of different models and styles. With their collection of rubber boots you never have to worry about wet feet and socks and for the warmer days they offer fun and comfortable sandals in different colours. With the right shoe care products and some TLC your children will run around in their Pippi shoes for a long time. The shoes are made with quality materials and a comfortable fit so that every child can run around and have happy feet all day. Go Pippi Longstocking!

Be courageous and wear Pippi shoes

When putting on your Pippi shoes you will become as courageous and fun as Pippi herself. Her strong and confident personality is represented in her shoes. When your child is wearing them they will feel her courage and suddenly everything is possible. Pippi shoes are going to be a long-time favourite in your child’s wardrobe and the obvious choice when deciding what shoes to wear. These shoe are every child’s dream. Enjoy happy and plucky children with Pippi Longstocking shoes!

Get a pair of Pippi shoes on Footway

Get your kids a pair of Pippi shoes online on Footway today.We offer fast deliveries and excellent customer service. With children running around it is not always easy to do the shopping at a mall or in the city.Shopping on Footway is the easiest choice and the best thing about it is that you can take as much time as you need. You don't have to stress and make fast decisions. Footway will give you a stress-free shopping experience. Go ahead and visit us online today and buy a pair of the latest Pippi shoes.

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256 results
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