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>PLDM by Palladium – a fashion statement PLDM by Palladium is a French footwear brand with a long history.They started out making aircraft tires and has since then grown into a well-known footwear brand that produces high-end shoes with extreme comfort and attitude. With a collection for both men and women they make everything from sneaker to boots and flats. The design is urban and contemporary with high quality materials like canvas and rubber. This is a brand that stands for individuality and creativity and does not compromise on either design or comfort. PLDM by Palladium is a fashion statement.

PLDM by Palladium – bit of French history

In the 1920’s PLDM by Palladium started out by making aircraft tires. After World War II the demand for airplane tires decreased and PLDM by Palladium opened their first shoe factory in France using the canvas and rubber they had previously used to make the tires. Their shoes became extremely popular amongst explorers, travellers and the military. It wasn’t until the 90’s that PLDM by Palladium became hip and trendy among the grunge and rave community. The brand sells more than one million pairs of shoes in a year.

PLDM by Palladium – styling tips

After a brief break, PLDM by Palladium re-launched with an urban explorer philosophy and is nowadays a very popular footwear brand across the globe.Their rough, cool and urban attitude attracts many different kinds of individuals. Whether you are an explorer of the world hiking in exotic places or a city slicker that loves club hopping, PLDM by Palladium has something to offer you in their collection. You can wear the shoes as an accessory or as the masterpiece of your outfit.With materials like canvas, genuine leather and rubber you can decide what kind of shoe that will best match your look.

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