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Pointer – Simple and well-designed shoes

Pointer is a shoe brand that focuses on creating simple and well-designed shoes with high quality-materials. With a playful fascination for colour and shape their shoes are timeless and modern. Life, in all its diversity is a key inspiration, from music and art, right down to your everyday life. By mixing materials, geometric shapes and patterns, Pointer is a brand that creates footwear that the people behind the company would like to wear themselves. Their collections are for both men and women and celebrate the individual. This shoe brand is offering something truly different.

Pointer – Designed with passion

Pointer was founded in 2004 in London, Great Britain. The employees are a group of people that are inspired from artists to interns, friends, distributors and agents from all around the world. Pointer makes high quality footwear with a meticulous attention to detail and the shoes can be worn either to work or in your spare time. Pointer makes shoes for every season and occasion. Whether you are going to a pool party in the summer or attending a work meeting in the fall. With their wide assortment of shoes from sneakers to boots, and let's not forget their popular loafers, Pointer will have something that suits you and your outfit just perfectly.

Taking care of your Pointer shoes

We all know that taking good care of your shoes will make them last longer. This goes for your Pointer shoes as well. With the right shoe care products and some TLC, they will both look good and last for a long time. Always make sure you have the right shoe care products for the material of your shoes. As they are made with high quality materials they deserve some good treatment and care from their owner. This way you will have your Pointer shoes for many seasons to come and they will become a reliable friend in your wardrobe.

Buy your Pointer shoes on Footway

Why bother with the hassle of getting out of the house and maybe be stuck in a traffic jam to get your new shoes from Pointer. Just go online and order them on Footway today. With fast deliveries and excellent customer service, we promise you that you will be happy with your shopping experience on Footway. This way you can try your Pointer shoes on at home with your complete outfit and avoid any stress. Make life a little easier and buy your new shoes from Pointer at Footway today.

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