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Pom Pom shoes – Danish style for kids

There is no mistaking the Danish touch in these beautiful shoes for kids. The brand is still a baby itself, having been founded in 2010 and still produce in Europe. The colours and great fit, together with the natural materials are what gives these shoes such an appearance of quality and style. At Footway, the range offered includes boots, trainers, sandals and Mary Jane style shoes in exciting colours. Whether your child is just about to get his or her first pair of shoes, or if they are close to being able to choose for themselves, this beautiful selection has the edge.

Care instructions for Pom Pom shoes

Children’s shoes see a lot of use, since young ones tend to run around and move a lot more than adults. This means that shoes can wear out twice as quickly, but with a little effort you can keep them looking nice for longer. Take care of the shoes and they will be grown out of, rather than worn out. Always remove sand and stones from inside the shoes before you enter the house. Wipe the shoes clean with a damp cloth, and use a waterproofing agent to protect the surface from wear.

Style tips for Pom Pom shoes

Whatever your child’s favourite colour, there is sure to be a choice among the gorgeous range of Pom Pom shoes at Footway. Bright red or pink contrast with more natural greens and browns. There are even yellow and blue models to be had. When choosing shoes for children, it’s a good idea to involve your child in the decision. If they feel part of the selection process, then they will have more of a feeling of ownership over the shoes once they arrive. The only difficult part might be limiting them to just one pair!

Pom Pom shoes online at Footway

Children are naturally impatient, but we at Footway believe that even adults shouldn’t be forced to wait for the things they want. When you browse through the range at Footway, there are bound to be plenty of shoes that catch your eye, but you can rest assured that our fast delivery speeds mean that you can enjoy your new shoes within just a couple of days. We also have a great customer service department; so if you have any problems, just get in touch.

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15 results
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