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Pony – a classic sneaker

Pony is a classic sneaker brand with a retro touch. This is a sneaker that keeps it real! With a history of great athletes like Pele and Spud Webb wearing Pony when creating sport history, Pony is a sneaker brand to be reckoned with. This is a sneaker that remains city-proof and ready to make the most of any time, any place. Pony is always looking to move forward, seeking inspiration and collaboration with creative people around the globe. Pony sneakers will keep you on your feet.

The history of Pony

The Pony sneaker was designed for real people in New York City in 1972. With the city’s notoriously unpredictable weather, this sneaker was made to battle the elements. In a city with yellow cabs and traffic to dodge, the Pony sneaker will keep you on your feet at all time. Using leather, amongst other materials, on the outer material of the sneakers, it is a shoe that is durable. Since Pony was founded in 1972 sneaker lovers around the world have been loyal to this hip and creative brand and their variety of colours and models makes them one of a kind.

Getting down with Pony

In Pony’s collection of sneakers and shoes you will find a wide range of different models and colours. This will make it easy for you to find something that will fit your style and outfit. Why not let your Pony sneakers be an important part of your outfit? Wearing them with a pair of worn out jeans and a t-shirt or with shorts and a cardigan, they will fit for every outfit and occasion. Don´t be scared of all the colours in the collection, be bold and beautiful and get a pair of Pony sneakers today.

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