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Principe di Bologna – Made in Italy

Principe di Bologna is an Italian footwear brand that uses traditional and unconventional shoe manufacturing techniques that has been forgotten and lost by others. This means that their shoes are of the utmost quality. Every shoe is signed “Handmade in Torre San Patrizio” to highlight the genuineness and authenticity of the shoe. By wearing a pair of Principe di Bologna you will feel extreme comfort without compromising on design. These shoes are simply beautiful, both inside and out. Give your feet and outfit the very best, try a pair of Principe di Bologna today.

Principe di Bologna – Pure beauty on your feet

When you see a pair of Principe di Bologna you will be mesmerized by their craft and beauty. Working with high quality materials like genuine leather and suede you will feel a luxurious feeling when you are wearing them. The collection consists of various models and styles and goes mostly in subtle colours such as brown and black. Being inspired by old traditions and innovation, Principe di Bologna puts an identity chip in each shoe to show that they are the “real” deal. This fusion of tradition and innovation makes this brand very special.

Principe di Bologna shoes – for colder days

When summer has gone and the leaves start to fall from the trees it is time to invest in a pair of Principe di Bologna shoes. With their impeccable stylish approach and comfortable fit you will stand out when walking around in them. These shoes will be a great complement to your outfit. Boots with heels or no heels, they will definitely be a great choice in your wardrobe. Not only is Principe di Bologna a stylish and well-designed shoe - it also has a classic look that will last for many seasons to follow.

Shop Principe di Bologna on Footway

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