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Progetto – shoes for trendy women

Progetto is an Italian luxury shoe brand that was launched in 1992 by designers Giancarlo Coltri, Diego Zorzi and Paolo Smagliato. This is a brand that focuses on giving women beautifully made leather shoes with a chic touch. Progetto is a luxury Made in Italy label and you will no doubt feel it when you are wearing these extraordinary shoes. The collection is clean and subtle in the colour range but with a couple of models that are bursting with colour. A Progetto shoe is something every woman should have in her closet.

Progetto – shoes for every occasion

Today you will find the Progetto shoe range features everything from delicately embellished pumps, luscious leather boots and ballerina flats. With this variety of models and styles you will definitely find what you are looking for. Whether you're going for a Sunday brunch with your friends or a dinner party at work, Progetto will meet your every need. With collaborations with big fashion houses like Giorgio Armani, CoSTUME NATIONAL and Alessandro Dell’Aqua, you know that wearing a pair of Progetto brings glamour to your outfit and you will definitely be the star of the show.

Wear and tear - Progetto

As the Progetto shoes are made in luxurious and genuine leather it is important to take good care of them. By using the right shoe care products they will last a lot longer and they will definitely keep their shine and beauty. When it is pouring outside, you should maybe leave your Progetto’s at home and wear a more suitable shoe for that kind of weather. With their comfortable fit and beautiful design, Progetto shoes are going to be a favourite in your wardrobe any time of the week. Find them on Footway today.

Shop your Progetto on Footway

At Footway we offer our customers the opportunity to shop at one of the biggest shoe stores online. Here you will find a wide range of brands, models and styles. Whether you are going to a Sunday brunch or a wedding, on Footway you will absolutely find what you are searching for. With excellent customer service and fast deliveries you will find your shopping easy on Footway. No more stress or fast decision-making. Take your time at home and order your new pair of Progetto on Footway today.Happy shopping!

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