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ProKeds – A combination of style and comfort

This is a sneaker brand that has been very popular for decades. With an excellent combination of comfort and style, ProKeds makes shoes for the active and stylish man. Using high quality materials like genuine leather, suede and strong textile, this is a sneaker that will last. From stadiums to city streets to playgrounds, ProKeds have been worn by athletes, artists, cultural innovators and style icons. When wearing a pair of ProKeds you don´t just stand out in the crowd, you are the crowd. Get the latest pair of ProKeds on Footway today.

ProKeds – from athletes to the world

In 1949 ProKeds was launched as a shoe for basketball players. The Minneapolis Lakers, who won the NBA championship five times during the 40’s and 50’s, wore ProKeds and put them on the map globally. Since then, they have been making sneakers that are known for their style and comfortable fit. Sneaker lovers all around the world can agree that ProKeds have a special feel to them and that they are always at the front edge of making new modern classics. This is not just a sneaker to wear when being active; this is a sneaker that works anywhere and everywhere.

Get your groove on with ProKeds

With ProKeds you get style and comfort combined. Today you can choose from among a variety of models and designs, as the collection is quite large. Choose between high models or low models in many different colours. This is why it is easy to match your ProKeds to your outfit. Now you can personalize and create your own style with a pair of ProKeds on your feet. Whether going to a Sunday brunch or to work, you will always look smashing in your ProKeds sneakers. You will be happy to have them as a part of your wardrobe.

Shop your ProKeds on Footway

Why bother going out and about searching for your ProKeds sneakers when you can easily place your order on Footway while still lying on your couch. With an excellent customer service that is open 24/7 and fast delivery, we offer you an easy and comfortable shopping experience that is stress-free. With one of the biggest assortments of shoes online, we guarantee that you will find what you are looking for. Make your life easy and go online on Footway today and get yourself the latest ProKeds. Happy shopping!

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