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Puma shoes are not just for footballers

Practically everyone has heard of the German Puma brand. You cannot be involved in sports or training without having come across this huge brand. The company shares roots with Adidas, and was actually the same company between 1924-1948, until they split to follow slightly different paths. Nowadays, Puma is often associated with football and rugby through its sponsorship agreements – as well as a host of other sports. The shoes are all designed for sports and feature the sleek logo along the side in a contrasting colour or textured panelling. The brand name also features prominently on many pairs.

Care instructions for Puma shoes

Puma shoes are designed for hard wear during games, matches and sprints. During a training session, you should let yourself be drawn into the spirit of the game and leave your footwear to take care of itself. However, once the workout is over, it’s your turn to show a little love and attention to your shoes. First wipe off any mud and dirt using a damp cloth and mild soap if necessary. Then leave them in room temperature to dry out completely. Letting all the sweat and moisture escape is vital for maintaining the shoes in good condition and preventing bad odours.

Style tips for Puma shoes

As a sports brand, the obvious style companion for a pair of Puma shoes is your workout gear or team uniform. However, puma shoes are not only for sportsmen. The sleek design also lends itself well to street clothes. You can wear your Puma shoes with jeans, shorts or combats. The pale varieties lend themselves well to being matched with a skirt or summer dress. Our huge range of over 700 models offers such a variety of colours you can surely find your favourite shade or a complementary colour to go with your planned outfit.

Puma shoes online at Footway

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