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Viva Ras footwear!

Ras has always created footwear for fashion-forward women. They aim at young, urban, cosmopolitan women that are in the middle of their career.Ras creates and designs footwear to fit the exclusive taste and modern interest of these women. With a fierce attitude and inspired by innovation and exploring different cultures and materials, Ras has become a milestone for today´s women. As they are a fashion-forward company and always looking for new inspiration and lifestyle trends, they always have in mind a daring, casual and joyful woman. This Spanish shoe brand is for the modern woman with exclusive taste.

Ras – a taste of Spain on your feet

Ras was founded in 1988 in Spain and has been constantly blooming with imagination since then. Using luxurious materials and genuine leather, this is a brand that will not compromise on anything. Ras is an expression of creativity, texture, shape and craft. They aim to reach the young-at-heart woman who enjoys the city and nature and who has a refined taste for fashion and trends. With a comfortable fit and beautiful design, Ras is one of the leading footwear brands on the market. You would want a pair in your wardrobe.

Ras – for every occasion

Ras creates beautiful high heels, boots and flats for every kind of weather and occasion. Whether it is a warm summer night and you are going to a pool party and looking for some flats, or a cold winter's day and wanting a pair of boots, you can expect to find what you are looking for in the Ras collection. Ras creates women’s shoes that are perfect for both day and night. Each style and model is perfect for all occasions and combines an eye-catching mixture of textures with beautiful decorations. These shoes are quite the showstoppers!

Finding Ras on Footway

Sometimes you just don´t have the time to go into the city or to a mall to do your shopping. At Footway, we offer you a shopping experience that is easy and hassle-free. With fast deliveries and fantastic customer service, we guarantee that you will find your shopping at Footway extremely easy. Order your new pair of Ras today and have them delivered to you within a heartbeat. Try them at home together with your planned outfit. Take your time and feel no stress; this is what good shopping should feel like! Go online and get your new pair of Ras on Footway today.

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3 results
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