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Dahlin shoes - for leaders among men

Based in Småland in the heart of Sweden, the Dahlin brand is in good company among the many textile workers and craftsmen in the region. After starting out making men’s shirts, the brand expanded over the years and they now also sell what for us at Footway is the most interesting part – shoes! The Dahlin name actually comes from the footballer Martin Dahlin who is remembered for his contribution to Sweden’s bronze medal in the 1994 World Cup. For well-dressed and ambitious men, the choice of Dahlin shoes is an obvious one.

Care instructions for Dahlin shoes

As Dahlin shoes are made primarily of leather, they should be cared for like all leather shoes. Brush them clean of dirt and dust and apply a leather polish that will help to keep the leather soft and supple. To avoid damaging the backs of the shoes, always use a shoehorn to help when putting on the shoes. Be sure to store the shoes away from sources of direct heat, as this can cause leather to dry out and crack.

Style tips for Dahlin shoes

Dahlin shoes are for strong and decisive men who know what they want out of life and are not afraid to walk proudly forward to get it. Walking the walk becomes all the more easier with a pair of Dahlin shoes on your feet. Whether you prefer black, brown or would like a more colourful pair, the range offered at Footway has something to satisfy you. There are also a few more casual models such as pastel loafers or moccasins, and sports shoes available.

Dahlin shoes online at Footway

If you are having trouble choosing the perfect pair of shoes, why not use our handy filters to narrow down your selection? When you have finally made your choice, there is nothing left to do but place your order. Doing so is simple and easy and we have friendly customer service agents on hand to answer any queries if you are having any trouble. Another advantage of using Footway to get your Dahlin shoes is our fast delivery times. We ship orders within hours of receiving them, and we keep all items on hand in our warehouse. This means that you will be able to start wearing your new shoes without having to wait too long for them.

22099-25 Nut
L59l8-62 Nude/hellgold
Y6461-24 Reh
60816-64 Grey
61913-31 Rosa
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201 results
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