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Reebok – from running via aerobics to CrossFit

Reebok's sports brand has always been at the forefront of new sports and forms of exercise, and have made it their mission to take training, leisure and shoes to new levels. Take as an example the Reebok Freestyle, one of the world's most famous shoe models, which came out during the 80’s aerobics boom and is still being sold because of the classic design and comfortable fit. The name Reebok comes from the South African word Rhebok, meaning antelope. This is suitable for a brand that initially focused entirely on running, and that has always taken the development of new forms of training forward. On this site, you can find Reeboks sports shoes, if you are looking for their classic trainers take a look at Reebok Classic.

A sports brand with a long history that keeps developing

Reebok’s history can be traced back to the beginning of the 1900’s. Their shoes were popular already back then, especially for running. In the 1924 Olympics, the British runners all wore Reebok’s spike shoes. Since then, Reebok have developed their products to suit tennis, hockey, running. Reebok has a history of daring to invest in new sports and forms of exercise, something that was really noticeable during the 80's and the aerobics boom. The world of aerobics embraced their soft shoes, which had an incredibly comfortable cushioning, perfect for aerobics. During their lifetime, Reebok has also managed to sponsor tennis, hockey and American basketball league NBA. Since Adidas bought Reebok in 2005, the company has once again invested in new and revolutionary forms of exercise, and this time, it is not aerobics but instead CrossFit. Today, Reebok stands for cool and highly functional workout clothes and training shoes.

Reebok lead the way to new forms of exercise

Reebok have always kept up with people who love to exercise, especially when it comes to adapting to new forms of exercise. In the 80’s, aerobics and Reebok Freestyles were dominating the market, today it’s Reebok’s clothes and shoes for CrossFit that are market leading in gym- and fitness workout, as their shoes and clothing are especially designed to fit this kind of exercise, something that wasn’t available on the market before. Reebok offer a cool and fresh look, perfect for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Reebok online at Footway

At Footway you’ll find heaps of stylish and functional Reebok shoes for both training and leisure. With more than 200 models, we offer shoes for both adults and children. You can look forward to fast delivery of your new Reeboks! No need to wait to start your new training regime!

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