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Rip Curl – relaxed Aussie attitude

Australian brand Rip Curl is synonymous with cool and awesome surfing and water-sports gear. Sure, they started out that way, but today the company offers relaxed and stylish everyday wear as well. Even the most dedicated surfers know that they can’t always walk around in flipflops and sandals, they need something dressier. Sometimes – or often - a pair of comfy sneakers is a better choice, especially if you want to dress up a bit but still maintain that casual, laid-back and sporty look. At Footway, you find a selection of some of Rip Curl’s most popular and coveted shoes this season.

Rip Curl – Australian surfer brand

Aussie brand Rip Curl was founded back in the late 60’s by two surfers on the Victorian surf coast and initially they focused solely on making surfboards and wetsuits. In the 70s, many high school-dropouts found their way down to the surf coast, looking for the next big wave. When the fad wore off, many of them came to work at the Rip Curl factory, making wetsuits. In the 80s, the company had grown so big with clothing and footwear as new additions to their constantly growing range, they had to move their HQ to where they are located still to this day.

How to style your Rip Curls

If you think that Rip Curl shoes are only for the beach – then think again! You can wear your sneakers and shoes with chinos for a groomed yet laid-back look when you go out for dinner with your in-laws or catch up with your mates for a beer on a Friday night. Or style them with jeans or shorts when you are having friends over and are 'throwing another shrimp on the barbie,' as they say Down-Under when they are having a barbecue with their friends. Your Rip Curl shoes are so comfy and versatile, you could wear them whenever you want, really.

Rip Curl shoes online on Footway

Why spend hours in a shopping mall looking for shoes, when you can just hop online and order them hassle-free from Footway? In our online store, you find shoes from Rip Curl and hundreds of other brands at very competitive prices. Another great thing with Footway is that we never close, not even on New Year’s Eve, so you can always pop in and browse our huge selection whenever it suits you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, our friendly customer support is always happy to assist you. Order your new Rip Curl shoes from Footway today!

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