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Rocco P– Handmade luxury shoes

Rocco P designs exclusive shoes and boots for the sophisticated fashionista who also requires high-end quality and comfort. The classic models with unique details, will keep you looking stylish, elegant and very well dressed for many seasons to come. In Footway's selection of Rocco P shoes, you will find classic heeled boots as well as lace-up boots à la Mary Poppins – a trend that never goes out of fashion. The Rocco P high leather boot is sure to be a favourite in your closet, especially when the autumn winds are blowing and you want something stylish yet comfortable to wear on your feet.

Rocco P – Italian artisan shoes

The Rocco P collection came to life right in the middle of Torre San Patrizio, among espresso steam, cheek kissing, steaming bowls of pasta and the Italian love of life. The brand represents the wonderful marriage that happens when fashion meets brains. It creates a unique and unmistakable style which determines an outfit rather than just completes it. Rocco P’s signature is the combination of great style, great comfort and great quality, all handmade with the very best traditional craftsmanship you could ever wish for in a pair of shoes. At Footway, we are happy to bring you some of our favourites from this prime brand.

TLC of your Rocco P shoes

Rocco P uses only the absolute finest leather and best materials in their shoes and boots. Before you wear your new shoes for the very first time, lightly spray them with a protective spray to repel dirt and water. To make sure your shoes stay as beautiful as on the day you bought them, brush and polish them regularly with proper shoe care products in the appropriate colours. If you have been outside in the rain, let your shoes dry away from heaters; drying them by a heater might dry out and crack the leather. Pssst, better to wear wellies for those really rainy days!

Rocco P online on Footway

Have you fallen in love with Rocco P shoes? You wouldn’t be the first, nor the last. At Footway, we have some of the most coveted and popular boots and shoes from this exquisite Italian footwear brand. Hop online and order your very own pair of Rocco P boots today and you will shortly have them delivered to you. Do you have any questions? Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is always happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding our selection, shipping, T&C or any other concerns or queries you might have. Welcome to Footway!

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