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Rugged Gear shoes for the entire family

This Danish footwear brand designs and manufactures shoes for men, women, tweens and kids for every occasion and every season. Regardless of which stage in life you are in, where you are going and what the weather is like, you always need a great and comfortable pair of shoes on your feet. With Rugged Gear shoes, you are sure to be travelling in style as well as comfort whereever you might be going: on a holiday, walking the dog, playing with friends, grocery shopping, visiting your in-laws or grandparents. In Footwear’s range, you can find shoes that will suit your child as well as yourself and your partner.

Rugged Gear – Danish husband & wife collaboration

The Danish couple Granhof designs and develops all shoes from the very first thought to the final product. The brand delivers uncompromising designs, always in line with the current trends and always with comfort in mind. They strive to always design shoes that conforms with the demands that we have on footwear in today’s society: the shoes have to be trendy, functional and also durable. Just like we would expect from a Scandinavian brand: their design is simplistic, classic and modern at the same time. Visit our online store to check out our selection of shoes from Rugged Gear today..

Rugged Gear shoes - Wear and care

Dress the entire family in practical, comfortable and stylish shoes and boots from Rugged Gear. In Footway’s selection you find models for both him, her and your young ones. Make sure you give your shoes some TLC from to time with proper shoe care products and they will last longer and look as new again. Start by removing any loose dirt with a shoe brush and/or damp cloth if needed. Then apply a coat of leather conditioner, let it work its magic for a little while before you buff the shoes with a dry cloth. And voilà – your shoes will look brand-new again!

Rugged Gear online on Footway

If you have tried buying your shoes online from Footway, you already know how easy and convenient it is! As our online store never closes, you can browse our gigantic selection anytime you feel like it – even if it’s in the middle of the night. If you have any questions, our friendly and helpful customer service team is there to help you. When you find shoes that you like, you just click on the purchase button and follow the simple instructions. Before you know it, your brand new shoes from Rugged Gear or any of our other brands, will be on their way to you!

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7 results
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