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Sandals & Slippers For All Year Round

There is nothing better than sliding on a pair of open sandals on a warm summer day or a cozy pair of slippers to warm up your feet at night. Birkenstock is a very popular German brand that has been around for a long time. They provide great support for your feet and are made out of cork. The Swedish brand Shepherd makes warm slippers with suede soles and have many styles to choose from. Crocs are great for warmer days when you need something functional and easy to wear. They are useful around the house and in the garden but also for a quick walk with your dog.

Care Advise For Sandals & Slippers

Taking good care of your sandals or slippers is essential if you want to extend their wear. There is nothing more frustrating than when you have to throw away your favourite most comfortable pair. This is exactly why it is important to wipe off dirt and try to avoid getting them too wet. Remember to let your slippers breathe and if they are made out of suede use a specific brush to clean them. Avoid leaving your sandals in direct sunlight for too long and if you ever want to freshen them up you can spray the footbed with a cleaner/refresher and wipe off with a cloth.

Tips On How To Style Sandals & Slippers

Sandals go with most outfits and styles. Be creative when it comes to colours and prints. Wear a flowy dress or some nice trousers and a cool summer hat and add a couple of accessories. There are no limits when it comes to finding a good outfit to match your sandals. When putting on a pair of slippers comfort is usually the first thing on most people’s minds. This is why the best outfit to wear is anything that will make you feel relaxed. You can wear a pair of stretchy sweatpants and a large jumper or workout shorts and a t-shirt with a nice print.

Sandals & Slippers Online At Footway

At Footway we do not want to make you wait too long before your new items arrive and this is exactly why we offer fast delivery on all orders and to all our customers. Shopping online is supposed to be fun and hassle free from the comfort of your own home. Select your favourite pair without stress, using our handy filtering system to help you narrow down the selection. Our huge range is sure to have something for everyone, and if you run into any problems while ordering, you only have to get in touch by phone or email.

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