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Jana shoes – the best combination of comfort, style and price

Jana shoes have been chasing the perfect balance of comfort and style since they were founded in 2000. They are based in Germany but are nowadays represented in over 40 countries around the world. Their vision revolves around producing elegant footwear using innovative technologies, without ever once compromising on comfort. The Jana range at Footway has a lot to offer in terms of different models and designs. The earthy and natural spectrum of colours is a pleasing blend and will provide great accompaniment to many approaches to fashion.

Looking after Jana shoes

Taking good care of your shoes is essential if you want them to last you for the long term. You can start off in a good way by making sure that your shoes are clean after each time that you wear them. Wipe off dirt with a soft cloth or use a soft brush on suede. You can use soap and water for heavy staining on most materials, but always keep suede away from moisture. Leave the shoes to dry naturally and stuff them with paper to help preserve the shape.

Style tips for Jana shoes

Jana style is all about making catwalk styles wearable and affordable for everyday women. The range includes so many beauties in the shape of ballerinas, Mary Janes and boots of various heights, that you are sure to find what you are looking for – and even more. Whether you have been searching for the ideal complement to a new cardigan, or if you need a comfortable pair of shoes to wear on an upcoming night out, the Jana range offers both gorgeous shoes and the assurance that you will be able to wear them all night long without your feet hurting.

Jana shoes online at Footway

Place your order and then sit back and let us send you your new shoes in just a couple of days. Your request is about to become the next in a long line of fulfilled orders and you are about to become the latest in our long history of satisfied customers. The advantages of Footway are our huge selection, our great shopping experience and the speed of our delivery. However, if you need to get in touch you will also find out that we are super friendly and genuinely devoted to customer satisfaction.

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