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Slip in slippers for cosy mornings and lovely evenings

Slipping into a comfy pair of well-fitting slippers is surely one of the best feelings in the world. Make sure that you don't miss out on this comforting, homey experience. Perhaps you haven't had a pair of slippers since childhood, or your current pair of slippers is looking quite threadbare. In this case, you would do well to order another pair from our range. Rest assured that we have a number of different models and styles of slippers, so you will surely find something to fit your preference, or perhaps to match your dressing gown.

Taking good care of your slip in slippers

Slippers are designed to work at home, so there is generally very little that needs doing in terms of keeping them clean and nice. Just allow them to air thoroughly when you are not wearing them and you will avoid the bad odours that come from the bacteria that feed on sweat. The only danger with slippers is that they may get wet if you wear them in the kitchen when cooking or washing up. Just wipe them free of any food spillages and allow them to dry naturally. Looking out for your slippers ensures that they will stay nice and cosy for the long run.

Style tips for slippers

Slippers aren't the most stylish type of accessory out there and are not the first item you would think of when it comes to being stylish. However, that doesn't mean that you cannot add a touch of class to your casual home wear. Our range of slippers is stylish enough on its own, but perhaps you could take it one step further by choosing a pair that matches your pyjamas or dressing gown. You can even colour coordinate with your furniture, often a good strategy as furniture colour is less likely to change than your clothes.

Slip in slippers online at Footway

Looking at pairs of slippers makes you long for the comforts of home. That's why Footway has a big advantage over other online stores when it comes to the speed of our delivery. No sooner have you ordered the shoes than we spring into action in posting them to you. You will have you new pair of slippers in no time at all and can begin enjoying them straight away. Even better, the shopping experience on our website is so smooth and easy that you will never want to go back to shoe-shopping in a mall. Release your stress and bring more shoes into your life with Footway!

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