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SBar – feminine shoes for every occasion

SBar designs and manufactures shoes, flats and heels for both everyday wear and more festive events. In Footway’s range of footwear from this brand, you find an exciting array of stylish, timeless and edgy shoes for the confident woman who is happy to let her shoes be the centre of attention. How about a pair of flats with studs, beads or Peruvian textile pattern? Right now, you find several of SBar’s most popular models in our online store, all to a very competitive price. Hurry up and order your own pair of shoes from SBar and enhance your shoe closet at home just a tad.

SBar – comfort and style in every shoe

The footwear brand SBar offers a great range of stylish, trendy and edgy heels that will give that extra touch to just about every outfit. The shoes are very easy to walk in thanks to the stable heels and it's also great for those who aren’t used to wearing high heels on a regular basis. SBar shoes are characterised by timeless yet modern design with a surprising twist. All the models display great attention to detail and the only thing revealing that these aren’t expensive designer shoes is the affordable price. Yes, SBar designs and manufactures shoes that look like a million bucks, but cost no where close to that.

How to wear your SBar shoes

We don’t really need to give you advice on how to wear your SBar shoes, you have probably already pictured at least a half dozen outfits that would go superbly with both the flats and the heels. But alright, how about the following suggestions: we believe you would look absolutely fabulous when you wear the heels at the office, with jeans and a white blouse when having coffee with your husband, or with an elegant dress at the opera. The flats will look splendid with any pants or shorts, knee-long skirt or why not ripped jeans and a plain t-shirt?

SBar online on Footway

Are you also a shoe-addict? So are we! At Footway, we have a lovely selection of beautiful, stylish yet comfortable shoes from SBar – and all models come at a very affordable price! You don’t have to settle for one pair, you could probably find two or three pairs that would make a great addition to your shoe closet at home. So hop online and check out our selection of shoes from SBar and many other popular brands! Ordering from us is a simple process and after just a few days, your new shoes will be on their way to you.

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4 results
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