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Sebago shoes – classic hand-sewn style

This company originated in Maine, USA and have been hand-sewing shoes in Moccasin and classic style since 1946. Their timeless classic loafer is well-known around the world, and as shoemakers, they are revered for their careful selection of the best materials and their solid re-making of the classics to provide modern footwear for the world. They have been around long enough to realise what works well, but they also have a keen interest in new and innovative ideas. The range at Footway includes loafers, moccasins and other casual styles for both men and women.

Looking after Sebago shoes

When you invest in high-quality shoes, it goes without saying that they need a little extra care and attention to keep looking nice. High quality materials deserve the best, and you can start out well by waterproofing your shoes before the first time you wear them. Clean your shoes by wiping them with a damp cloth or using a dry brush on suede, and always leave them to air thoroughly before putting them away in the wardrobe. Use a shoehorn to help putting on your shoes to protect the delicate backs of the shoes from creases or wear.

Style tips for Sebago shoes

Sebago offers the kind of timeless style that lasts through generations. You could be wearing the same model of shoe from the same company that your grandfather chose in his youth, and still be as up to date with contemporary mode. The Sebago selection at Footway has plenty of choice for casual occasions, whether you are planning a luncheon visit with friends or simply want to go for stroll in the park. The shoes are both comfortable and smart enough for the workplace, and would not look out of place in a naval environment. Take your pick from our great selection!

Sebago shoes online at Footway

One of the hazards of shopping online is the bewilderingly wide choice. Sometimes there are simply so many pairs of shoes that it’s hard to make up your mind. At Footway we are particularly guilty of presenting a particularly large selection of shoes. However, we try our best to help you make up your mind by providing both a handy filtering system and by offering the best tips about what is currently hot, along with recommendations from other customers. With a simple ordering process and fast shipping, you have no reason to switch to a smaller provider.

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