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Sebastian – Luxury shoes from Italy

At Footway, we have a carefully selected range of gorgeous, glamorous and very exclusive heels and flats from the coveted Italian shoe brand Sebastian. Shoes from this brand is a must for every woman who wants to feel sensual and sophisticated, not only at fashionable galas but also on an everyday basis. All Sebastian shoes are made exclusively in Italy, with great craftsmanship and unique attention to details. When you wear a pair of Sebastian shoes, you are sure to be the envy of many women and when they complement you on your gorgeous shoes, be sure to tell them you ordered them from Footway!

Sebastian – Made exclusively in Italy

Shoes from Sebastian are characterised by their superior quality, excellent craftsmanship and unique attention to both design and detail. All the shoe manufacturing is made in Parma, Italy in their own factory. This way, the brand can guarantee that the elite quality of the production remains intact. Sebastian uses only the very best materials and in combination with excellent Italian craftsmanship, their shoes are genuine jewels, treasured by many women all over the world who are lucky enough to own a pair of these gorgeous shoes. At Footway, we are honoured to have a lovely selection with beautiful heels and flats from Sebastian.

How to wear your Sebastian shoes

Have you heard of shoe-envy? That is what you will experience when you wear your Sebastian shoes. The other women will secretly wish that they are in your shoes. When you put on a pair of Sebastian shoes, they will add the right amount of glamour to any outfit. And just because they are so spectacular, you don’t need any other ornament than a Little Black Dress or a monochrome gown. On second thought, perhaps not a gown that covers your feet completely because then people wouldn’t see your gorgeous shoes! Sebastian shoes – a love that will last you a lifetime!

Sebastian online on Footway

Do you sometimes wish you could wear shoes all over your body? Well, you are not alone! There are many shoe-lovers out there, and many of them are huge fans of Sebastian shoes. Because they are so exclusive, they are not sold everywhere. That is why, we at Footway are so happy to have some of Sebastian’s most popular and coveted heels and flats in our selection. Our online store is open every day of the week, 24 hours per day, so you can pop in and browse all the amazing brands we represent. Welcome to Footway’s shoe shop online!

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