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Sorel shoes – Canadian craftsmanship for the great outdoors

The Sorel brand was founded in 1962 and has been producing high quality boots and footwear out of Canada since then. With the Canadian winter as a testing ground, it is no surprise that these boots are amazingly sturdy and warm, crafted out of a fine mix of felt, wool and leather. The Footway range comprises more than 200 models of these premium boots, with a few pairs for warmer weather on offer too. Test Sorel shoes during the winter in your area and there is a great likelihood that you will never want to go back to your old boots.

Care instructions for Sorel shoes

These boots are designed for the mud, snow and slush of a heavy winter. However, just because they are sturdy doesn’t mean that you can forego caring for them. It is especially important to wipe off your boots if you live in an urban area, as the salt used for clearing the roads can damage leather and nubuck. Also important is to let your boots dry naturally. It’s tempting to put them on the radiator to dry out, but this can cause irreparable damage to the sensitive materials, causing them to crack.

Style tips for Sorel shoes

These heavy boots and snug shoes can be the perfect complement to your winter outfit. Many boots in the Sorel range are brightly coloured, or have an interesting detail such as coloured laces or a contrasting pattern. A pair of Sorel shoes will ensure that your feet will not blend in with the snow. For a great effect, match your boot colour with your jacket or with a winter accessory such as a hat and glove combo. With such a wide range you can even match Sorel boots with your ski goggles. The possibilities are endless.

Sorel shoes online at Footway

As they are designed for the heavy winter, Sorel shoes are bulky and sturdy. However, we at Footway are experts when it comes to packing shoes, so we will pack up the boots and send them off to you, regardless of the size. Once you have chosen the perfect pair of boots, simply fill in our online form and place your order. Our motivated staff are ready and waiting to ship your shoes immediately so that you don’t have to wait before enjoying your new Sorel boots.

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