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Springyard – tip-top shoe care products!

Springyard is not your average shoe brand. One quick look at the selection will make it clear that their specialty is not shoes, but rather shoe care products. With a long history in the business of providing care products for some of the greatest footwear brands in the business, Springyard really have what it takes to keep your shoes clean, protected and in great shape. As part of the Brunngård group and with a Canadian connection, this company really has a worldwide reach and is at the very forefront of knowledge when it comes to the top techniques for looking after your shoes.

Springyard shoe care products

In the selection of Springyard shoe care products at Footway, you can find both cleaning and protection products. When it comes to keeping your shoes clean, you can use the premium Universal foam cleaner. For leather shoes there are two types of conditioning cream in neutral and black shades. You can protect your shoes with Springyard waterproofing formula and also invest in a shoehorn to help when putting on your shoes. Get a great finish every time with one of the selection of shoe brushes. With such a selection available online, there is simply no excuse for having less-than-perfect shoes!

Using your Springyard products

We recommend waterproofing all shoes before the first time that you wear them. Not only does it help to keep moisture out of the sensitive materials, but your shoes will also be protected against dirt and dust. After wearing your shoes, you can use a brush or foam cleaner to remove any accumulation of dirt, and then waterproof the shoes again or simply leave them to dry naturally in the air. Always keep suede shoes away from wet conditions and use the renovating agent to restore tired-looking surfaces.

Springyard shoe care online at Footway

If you need shoe care products to keep your footwear looking good, then Springyard is your one-stop shop for the best products. Nothing makes you stand out more than shiny shoes which look clean and cared for. Make sure that your feet look their best by investing in the highest quality tools to take care of your footwear. When you order at Footway, we are quick to send out all orders, so you will have your items within a couple of days of ordering. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about shoe care, ordering or anything else shoe related!

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