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If you are a nature lover, there are very high chances that you want to pass this legacy to your kids. After all, what can be better than spending an adventurous trek or a showering downpour with your little one? They can literally have an experience of their lifetime while your contentment gets boosted with their smiles alone.However, while stepping outdoors for such adventures, just like adults, children also need appropriate gears and coverings to protect them. Actually, children need better protection for they are susceptible to more problems. Identifying this requirement of infants, Lisa Will, Founder of Stonz, came up with the brand in 2004. Accordingly, Stonz focuses on providing toddlers with various footwear that would comfortably protect them during their adventures.

What makes Stonz special?

Stonz came up with the idea of comfortable and shielding footwear for toddlers during the time no one else thought about it. Constantly studying the needs of the infants around has given them quite an idea of what comforts them the most. They have designed all the products in their range accordingly.

The Stonz team constantly innovates and discovers new ideas and techniques that would make those outdoor trips a little more comfortable for your kids. Take for an example their infant mitts that don’t have a thumb design. Why? Because kids don’t use their thumbs in chilling cold. Or their rain boots that are made using flexible good quality natural rubber. Their team continuously comes up with newer things to make sure that the smiles of your kids don’t fade away.

The huge footwear range of Stonz

At Stonz, you can find a huge footwear range which has shoes that are all meant for comforting your kids at different occasions.

  • Infant Booties – Comfortable infant booties for fall, winter and spring.
  • Toddler Booties – Comfortable toddler booties for fall, winter and spring.
  • Infant Mittz - 100% water-proof boots for keeping infants warm.
  • Youth Mittz – 100% water-proof boots for keeping the young one’s warm.
  • Rain Boots – Made with natural rubber and 100% cotton lining.
  • Winter Scout Boots – Durable and lightweight boots with ambient temperature resistance.
  • Winter Trek Boots – Slip-resistant and lightweight trek boots that can withstand shivering cold.
  • Bootie Linerz – Linerz that go with all the Stonz Booties and add some extra warmth.
  • Rain Boot Linerz – Boots that add some extra warmth to your toddler’s or youth’s feet during rains.
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9 results
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