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Superga shoes – the Italian people’s shoe

When you take a look at the Superga range, you would hardly believe that this company has been going for more than 100 years. The range of Superga sneakers includes some retro style models, but most of those on offer are bang up to date and would not be out of place in the sports wardrobe of the most fashion conscious Italian alive. For the rest of us, Superga shoes offer a great alternative to the common sneaker and skater shoe brands. They offer brightly coloured and plain models and there is surely something for every taste in the range. In particular, the classic 2750 model is something extra special to check out in this range of cool and stylish shoes.

Caring for Superga shoes

When you have white or light coloured sneakers, it’s important to keep them clean as grubby and dirty shoes can ruin the look you are going for. It’s easier to retain the pristine appearance if you first waterproof the shoes before wearing them. Use a spray or wipe on formula and your new shoes will repel dirt and water, making it easy to wipe them clean. If you have heavy soiling (after an unexpected rain-shower perhaps?) you can use a foam cleaner and then re-waterproof the shoes afterwards. Always let your shoes air thoroughly after wearing them to allow moisture to evaporate.

Style tips for Superga shoes

Superga shoes offer loads of possibilities for various different environments. Whether you are an urban animal, making your way from street to park and office to bar, or if the beach or countryside is your haven, you will find a comfortable option from among the Superga selection. There are plenty of colours available, so you can choose your favourite or go for a contrasting colour to add interest to an otherwise muted outfit.

Superga shoes online at Footway

We are experts when it comes to shoes, and our strength lies in offering the best of the best in brands, models and sizes. We always keep all items in stock in our warehouse, so whichever pair of Superga shoes you have chosen, we will have it easily on hand to be fetched and shipped to you in record time. Don’t let your feet languish away in dull shoes. Bring a spark of life and colour into your life with a pair of Superga shoes.

2750- FGLU Black
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102 results
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