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Svea shoes – universal style with a focus for girls

The streetwear influence is plain to see in this Swedish brand. While they also offer clothes and accessories, it is of course their range of shoes that interest us here at Footway. The Svea attitude is all about being street smart while adding that little bit extra to express your own personality and stand out from the crowd. The range of Svea shoes at Footway offers many possibilities for casual and urban outfits, while also providing some more formal options for special occasions. Choose your favourite colour or design from this great brand to receive a pair of truly special shoes.

Looking after Svea shoes

Shoes and shoe care go together like a girl and her favourite outfit. You could have one without the other, but it wouldn’t look nearly so fine. Take care of your Svea shoes by cleaning them regularly. You can also waterproof them with a special waterproofing formula to help them keep the mud and wet away. Wipe your shoes with a damp cloth if they get dirty and always allow them to dry thoroughly before storing them. A shoehorn can be an invaluable aid in helping you get the shoes on in the morning.

Style tips for Svea shoes

Svea style is easily mouldable to fit your own personal type of fashion and expression. You can go for tall boots, low sneakers, pastel ballerinas or strappy sandals. With a large choice of colour there is plenty of scope for men and women when it comes to mixing and matching to your existing wardrobe. However, if the pair that catches your eye is outside your usual colour scheme, you shouldn’t be afraid to take that leap and try something new. It might be the start of a new phase in your fashion career.

Svea shoes online at Footway

We love to match the right shoes with the right people. And we have become very good at doing it quickly. That’s why you will never have to wait too long for your Footway order. Once you click to send us your wishes, we will jump into action to fulfill them. With a huge online selection of shoes from hundreds of different brands, together with our unique simple shopping experience, there are plenty of reasons for choosing Footway for all your footwear needs.

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