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SWEAR – Join the cult

With a pair of SWEAR shoes on your feet you will be the coolest cat in town.Ever since bands like The Strokes, The Hives and White Stripes wore their iconic model “The DEAN”, SWEAR has been a favourite amongst artists and musicians around the world. With their classic design and playful touch we understand why they are so popular. These are the kind of shoes that will make you stand out in a crowd. If you are looking to put an attitude to your outfit or want to feel like a rock star, SWEAR is the right choice for you.


Ever since the start in 2001 SWEAR has been worn by artists and musicians across the globe.But it wasn’t until they released the model “The DEAN” that they really took of. This is a pointy leather shoe with a rubber sole and characteristic features. World-known bands like White Stripes and The Strokes began to wear them and success was a fact. With over 1 million shoes sold, SWEAR has absolutely made its mark on the fashion and music map.This is a shoe with a big personality that likes to be worn by individuals that are confident and who aren't afraid to be different.

SWEAR – Suit or a rock star

Whether you are working in an office and wearing a suit all day or living the dream as a rock star, SWEAR can be worn by everyone. It all comes down to how you style them. If you are a suit person, but you want more of an innovative look, then pick shoes from the collection that are a bit more discrete but still notable.If you are a rocker and like to wear black skinny jeans with a rock hair due, we don´t have to say more. Just go crazy with the collection!As always it is important to take good care of you shoes. Don´t forget to use the right shoe care products for the specific models.

Find SWEAR on Footway

With one of the biggest assortments of shoes online, we are pretty sure you will find what you are looking for on Footway.With fast deliveries and outstanding customer service, that is open 24/7, Footway is hard to beat.Why bother being stressed out in the store when you can get your SWEAR shoes sent to you to try them on at home in your own pace. This is the absolute easiest way to do your shopping!Do yourself a favour and order your pair of SWEAR shoes today on Footway.

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1 results
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