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Swims shoes – footwear for watery conditions

If your search for the right pair of shoes is going less that swimmingly, you might be in luck with the Swims brand. This Norwegian shoemaker was founded in 2006, taking inspiration from the classic rubber boot and riding on the idea of making rubber and waterproof shoes into something modern and attractive. When you check out the range of Swims shoes, we think that you will agree that they have succeeded in transforming a purely functional object into something with a lot of style and personality. Norwegian brands are known for their great practicality, but in this case, you can express a whole range of moods too.

Care instructions for Swims shoes

Swims recommend using a sponge to clean the rubber surface of your shoes, and then a silicone spray to protect and rejuvenate the surface of the rubber. As rubber is a natural material, you should be careful to keep the shoes away from sources of direct heat such as a radiator, which could cause it to dry out and crack. The same thing applies for direct sunlight. You can machine wash most of the rubber shoes, but do not tumble dry them. Instead allow them to air dry naturally.

Style tips for Swims shoes

The beauty of the Swims brand is that they provide shoes for various occasions, while keeping your feet dry and protected in unpredictable weather conditions. If you have a job that often takes you outdoors, but where you still want to look smart, this brand is the perfect one for you. You even have a bright range of colours to choose from, so put away your rainy blues and start feeling happy every time you see that downpour. Dry feet, fashionable footwear and a smile on your face. You won’t be able to stop the compliments coming.

Swims shoes online at Footway

Rain or shine, we will send you your chosen shoes in double quick time. Whether you have gone for a pair of boots or those amazing rubbery loafers, you won’t have to wait too long for them to arrive. Our wide selection and simple shopping experience are other advantages of using Footway to shop for all your new footwear needs. We are pretty proud of our website and we think that it will provide everything that you need on your shopping trip, but if you run into difficulties, just call or email us for help.

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