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T.U.K. – A shoe with great personality

T.U.K are the kind of shoes that will stand out. They have a fun and original style and design and are especially popular in the music, art and culture scene. Are you looking for original boots and shoes with a touch of rock and punk? Then this is the brand for you!With an edge and some attitude, T.U.K shoes have created a big fan base around the world. They create unique footwear inspired by people with eclectic taste. This is an one-of-a-kind brand of footwear that channels punk roots across continents.

T.U.K – The creeper

Originally from England, T.U.K founder Ian White moved to San Diego in 1990. After finding tremendous inspiration in the So-Cal punk rock scene, Ian founded T.U.K one year later.Their collections are inspired by art, music and culture but also from the originality of all individuals with personal style and character.T.U.K creates everything from women’s high heels to sneakers, but their most popular design is the creeper. In the beginning, the creeper-sole was made for the soldiers in WWII but has since then been embraced by the fashion world and different underground subcultures.

T.U.K – Shoes made for you

T.U.K shoes comes with a huge chunk of confidence and poise.These are the type of shoes that are made to fit you and your personality as well as character, not the other way around.With influences from the punk and rock scene there is a whole lot of attitude in them. With various types of designs and styles you will definitely find something for your own personal taste. Wear them with style and grace and we promise you that you will be the star of the show.Try a pair of T.U.K shoes today on Footway.

Find T.U.K shoes on Footway

Finding your T.U.K shoes on Footway is easy. Shopping on Footway is easy.Why bother going to a mall when you can do easy and hassle-free shopping at home. With a big variety of brands and models, Footway will definitely provide you with what you are looking for.Footway offers you a customer service that is open 24/7 and is there for every question you may have. With fast deliveries you will have your new shoes delivered to your home before you know it.Get your new pair of T.U.K shoes on Footway today.

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