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Tatoosh – Look out shoe lovers!

Tatoosh is a French footwear brand that is loved by many around the globe. With a love for rock’n’roll music and modern design, they always create footwear that has a vintage feel to it.Tatoosh makes feminine footwear where the modern woman and style is tailored to her needs and everyday life. They are known for their comfortable fit and cool design, which will make your feet so much happier.To all you female shoe lovers out there, if you haven’t already tried them out, do so today on Footway.

Tatoosh – Feel the uniqueness on you feet

Tatoosh was founded in 2005 in France by the two sister, Janet and Vanessa.Since their childhood the sisters had been dreaming of creating beautiful and unique shoes that would fit every woman’s style and needs. After doing some research and creative work, the sisters started Tatoosh in 2005. By launching a new interpretation of the classic gumboot they quickly made a name for themselves in Paris. With its feminine and rock inspired style it was something absolutely new and fresh for the fashionistas.Tatoosh was on everyone’s lips in Paris.

Tatoosh – For every occasion

Tatoosh creates collections with great knowledge and excellent design. By having many different models and styles, you can find a pair for every occasion. Whether you are going to a business meeting or to a cocktail party, you will find a pair that will fit your outfit. Even if the weather is wet and rainy you will look absolutely fabulous in a pair of gumboots from Tatoosh.This brand always pays attention to detail and design and we guarantee that these shoes are going to be a long-time favourite in your wardrobe.Who wouldn’t want to feel like a superstar regardless of the occasion?

Find Tatoosh shoes on Footway

With a unique combination of rock’n’roll with a feminine touch, Tatoosh is creating shoes and boots for cool women across the world.At Footway, you will find their latest collection of shoes and boots.Footway offers you an easy and joyful shopping experience with fast deliveries and a great customer service team that is always there to help.Do your shopping without stress and when it suits you. Try your new pair of Tatoosh on at home together with your planned outfit with no commitments.Footway makes your life so much easier, go online and shop on Footway today.

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2 results
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