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Teva shoes – for adventures galore!

This innovative company is based near the Grand Canyon and has been going since 1984. They have built a label around the idea that each person is a fountain of potential waiting to be tapped, and they see their shoes as an invitation to take the plunge and start using your full capacity and living the lifestyle you want to. The Original sandal design was based on a Velcro watch strap and a pair of flip flops, but as you can see, their design has matured a lot since then. At Footway, we have Teva shoes for men, women and children, so there is no excuse for anyone in the family getting left behind on footwear-oriented adventures.

Care instructions for Teva shoes

Looking after your equipment is the first step in a successful adventure. And if life is your adventure, then your shoes are the companions that will carry you forward every step of the way, so it’s worth putting effort into caring for them. You can keep your Teva shoes in good condition by applying a waterproofing agent regularly. When the shoes get dirty, wipe them clean with soap and water, or for deeper staining, you can use a special foam cleaner.

Style tips for Teva shoes

The range of Teva shoes at Footway includes sandals with different thickness, hiking shoes and boots and also taller boots for challenging and snowy conditions. You don’t have to be an outdoor expert to benefit from a well-made pair of shoes, so whether you generally live in an urban or mountainous environment, choose your favourite pair of Teva shoes in order to find out how much the right pair of shoes can help with life’s challenges. When it comes to colour, there are also some bright details that could add a touch of fun to your day.

Teva shoes online at Footway

We are always happy to help our customers with problems or queries. If you have a burning question about the shoes you would like to order, or about any part of our delivery process, simply get in touch by phone or email and we will help you with your questions. If you are happy to place your order by yourself, then we simply look forward to receiving it. We have one of the broadest selections of shoes on the web, and our fast delivery is an extra advantage when you shop with us.

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