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Fitflop - luxury shoes with comfort in mind

Here you have a brand who designs shoes with your feet and body in mind. These shoes are meant to be very comfortable for you to wear when walking around and to support your feet in all the right places. It is actually said that the shoes tone your muscles with a specially designed sole with three different density levels. The name of this sole is “micro-wobbleboard”. It will activate certain muscles in your feet and legs to give you amazing support. If you have any issues with back pain, bad knees or similar, you will love these shoes.

Fitflops shoes, created by professional and loved by celebrities

Fitflop was founded in 2007 by Marcia Kilgore, who is also the founder of Bliss Spas, Dr. David Cook as well as Darren James, who are bio-mechanical engineers in London. This team of professionals originally had an idea about creating a footwear brand that was meant to tone your muscles and give people gorgeous legs simply by walking. The idea took a different turn as they began receiving comments from people with spinal issues who confessed that the shoes were the reason they were no longer in as much pain. Oprah Winfrey named the shoes her “summer favourites” in one of her shows, which also boosted the company’s reputation quite a lot.

Fitflops shoes, amazing results for your body

Wearing a pair of shoes from Fitflop is said to be similar to walking around barefoot with better cushioning. Many celebrities have been seen wearing them and more than 22 million shoes have been sold in over 50 different countries. The shoes are comfortable, but also very stylish and you can wear the sandals with a beautiful summer skirt or a nice pair of trousers, and why not try out one of the other shoe models as well. They also offer winter shoes and more sneaker like options. Give these shoes a try and see if you also notice the extraordinary results that everyone is talking about.

Purchase your own pair of impressive Fitflops shoes online on Footway

Fitflop has been a huge success and if you want to look like a celebrity or simply just want a pair of extremely comfortable shoes, that will also tone your legs, you need your own pair. You will not be disappointed. Fitflop will support your feet, improve your posture and provide a lovely soft step as you are walking around. Footway has a nice selection for you to choose from and we can’t wait to hear if you will love these miracle shoes as much as the rest of the world.

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79 results
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