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Tretorn shoes – wellingtons with a heritage as long as your arm

Tretorn was established in 1891 in Sweden. Based in Helsingborg, they produce wellington boots, shoes and other types of outerwear designed for the varied Swedish weather. In recent years, wellingtons have become a fashion item during wet weather and in muddy environments such as music festivals and outdoor sporting events. If you have a need for wellingtons, the Tretorn brand will not let you down. With more than 100 pairs, and also trainer and regular boot models, to choose from you can surely find the design, colour and height to fit your ideal picture.

Care instructions for Tretorn shoes

With natural materials such as rubber, it is important to allow the wellingtons to air dry and avoid the temptation to speed up the drying process by placing them on a radiator. Other materials such as leather and fabric should be treated the same way. In all cases, the shoes can be cleaned using water and a little soap. Use a waterproofing agent before the first use and at regular intervals afterwards to prolong the life of your shoes.

Style tips for Tretorn shoes

If you have tickets for a summer festival or are planning a visit to the country, don’t bank on the good weather. Come prepared! You can get a super-stylish pair of wellies or even a pair of boots or sneakers that will get you through both wet and dry weather. The most fun thing about buying new shoes is being able to choose a great colour that will match or complement your existing outerwear. Have a browse through our range and see whether you can find the exact shade of your jacket. Failing that, you can also match your footwear to your scarf, gloves, sunglasses and much more.

Tretorn shoes online at Footway

Tretorn has been around for a long time and so they have had ample time to perfect their shoes and their business model. At Footway, we cannot claim to have over 100 years of heritage behind us, but we do think that we have come up with a pretty good system for selling shoes online. Try out our system by placing an order. Test our fast delivery times and if you have any feedback please get in touch with our customer service. They are also ready to help if you have any questions or queries related to ordering Tretorn or any other shoe brand from us.

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