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Unstitched Utilities - Putting the environment first

Unstitched Utilities is a conscious footwear brand where design and style meet environmental-friendliness. For the contemporary consumer, it is cool to “go green” yet these consumers aren’t ready to compromise on their style. Unstitched Utilities is a brand that meets these needs perfectly.With vegan glues and dyes, the collection contains forward-thinking shoes that provides the consumer with a trendy and hip alternative to what is out there.When someone is wearing a pair of Unstitched Utilities shoes, they only need to let their feet do the talking. All of the production is made in China and Vietnam.

Unstitched Utilities - Started by a group of friends

Unstitched Utilities started with three friends and their love for design and fashion. They all worked at successful fashion footwear brands, but realized that they wanted to start something on their own. Focusing on making fabulous shoes with a special interest in the environment and the conditions of the factory workers is how Unstitched Utilities was born. With production in China and Vietnam they work closely with the factory and their workers to have total control of the work conditions and safety of the employees. With a pair of Unstitched on your feet, you will look absolutely amazing and at the same time help to make the world a better place.

Unstitched Utilities – Not only beautiful shoes

Unstitched Utilities is a footwear brand that is so much more than just a pair of fabulous shoes. As they are fashion-forward and trendy they also contribute to a better environment and safe work conditions. Isn’t that just great!The shoes are made with Tyvek, which is a flashspun high-density polyethylene fibre that is highly breathable, very lightweight, water resistant and extremely durable. It is also animal-free and sustainable, as its recyclable.When buying a pair of Unstitched Utilities you will also be a part of their universe. Doesn’t it just feel great to contribute to a better world?

Shop Unstitched Utilities on Footway

On Footway you will find the amazing brand Unstitched Utilities.Their collection is environmentally-friendly and an absolute delight for the eyes and feet.Why go to the mall when you can easily shop your Unstitched Utilities shoes on Footway? As one of the biggest shoe stores online Footway is the perfect pick when searching for a new pair of shoes. With fast deliveries and great customer service Footway offers you the absolute best shopping experience online.Go online and shop for your new pair of Unstitched Utilities shoes on Footway today. You won´t regret it!

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3 results
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