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Valsport – Mixing elegance with sports

Many people like the sporty look, but tend to go for the same huge sports brands when shopping for new shoes. Why not try something a bit different and go for a unique Italian brand that creates stylish shoes with a sporty feel. These shoes have class, yet they keep that relaxed vibe and very comfortable fit. This brand has been a favourite among Italian athletes for a while and it is about time that the rest of the world learns more about this small, yet great brand.

Valsport, the same vision since 1920

Valsport was founded in Italy in 1920, which means that they have been around for quite a while, yet they have never tried to do anything but what they do best. Valsport creates shoes and boots of the highest quality with a sporty touch and sophisticated feel. The brand has focused on these types of shoes since the very beginning and truly knows what the market wants. The shoes are perfect for work, weekend activities with the kids, long walks in the city and for everyday life in general.

Many different styles and colours with Valsport shoes

One of the great things about Valsport is that this brand creates many different shoes in a variety of colours. The collection has something for everyone and if you love the shoes you can even invest in several models and colours to have a pair for different occasions and looks. The shoes will make you look classy, yet you will have a sporty and relaxed vibe that always works. They are made of soft leather with a rubber sole and are very comfortable to walk in.

Valsport shoes online on Footway

Valsport has been around for a long time, but the high quality remains. This brand uses the best materials and creates sleek and sporty shoes. Take a look at some of their collection at Footway today. If you have questions about our selection of shoes, deliveries, returns, the ordering process or anything else about our website, feel free to contact customer service. Our store is always open, so you can do your shopping whenever you please. You can also write reviews about the shoes you order if you want to share your experience with other customers.

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