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Vibram Fivefingers shoes – heart and sole since 1937

The Vibram brand arose out of a realisation that people needed shoes with soles that were capable of providing a good grip on various surfaces. The Fivefingers range goes that one step further, giving you not only an excellent grip, but also the possibility to move your toes individually. It goes without saying that this improves the balance, mobility and the strength and agility of your feet, which is invaluable for various sports and for walking in general. It’s like walking barefoot but without the inconvenient sharp bits on the ground! The Fivefingers range at footway offers both women’s and unisex models, so there are possibilities for both genders to discover the fivefinger revolution.

Looking after your Vibram Fivefingers shoes

These shoes are really something special and you will want to take good care to keep them in good shape. Always waterproof new shoes before the first time you wear them. This will help to protect the surface from moisture, dirt and all kinds of other factors. Keep your Vibram Fivefingers shoes clean by wiping away dirt with a damp cloth. Always allow the shoes to air thoroughly after wearing them, but keep them away from the radiator as direct heat could damage the materials.

Style tips for Vibram Fivefingers shoes

If you are a mountaineer or climber, these shoes are the type of style you are interested in wearing on your adventures, but they are comfy enough to be something that you may want to wear during your everyday life too. You can wear your hiking and mountaineering achievements proudly on your feet whenever you happen to be away from the mountains, and people will be drawn to your positive attitude. When you have succeeded in one area of life, it becomes easier to face challenges in other areas too. Vibrams Fivefingers shoes are exactly the shoes to carry you through.

Vibram Fivefingers shoes online at Footway

These unique shoes are popular among people who never give up and who have a characteristic perspective on life. At Footway our perspective is full of shoes. Whichever way we turn, there are hundreds of pairs of the beauties. We can’t wait to send some of them to you, so don’t hesitate to place your order and let us know your preferences when it comes to size and model. We offer fast delivery, simple shopping and one of the broadest online ranges. You will never regret having chosen Footway.

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