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Viking – Norwegian shoes that withstand Scandinavian weather

With “shoes that can withstand the Norwegian weather can withstand any weather” as their guiding principle, Viking have always manufactured shoes for harsh weather conditions. With their own techniques Ultimate Grip Concept, BOA and a thermal protection in combination with natural rubber and Gore-Tex, Viking offer shoes of top quality for both adults and kids.

The story behind Viking is a story of Norway and weather.

It all started in Norway in 1920, when a man named Peter Mathias Røwde started a rubber factory where he manufactured galoshes. The company developed further during the Norwegian industrial boom in the 50’s and 60’s and Viking became a household name. Ever since then, Viking has continued to manufacture durable and sturdy shoes that can handle the harsh Scandinavian weather. Today they design a variety of shoes, from wellies to sandals, and they are sold all over Europe. They are appreciated for their comfort and water resistance.

Their own techniques and fun designs

Viking are especially known in Sweden for their awesome kids’ shoes, which are very comfy and often waterproof, and come in an array of fun colours and models. Viking’s range includes shoes for adults as well, including wellies and hiking shoes. Viking have developed some concepts of their own, such as a sole system called Ultimate Grip Concept, which gives you the maximum grip with your shoes. The clever BOA system is a shoelace system in which you can prevent loose shoelaces and easily tie your shoes to the desired fit with a simple hand turn. Fast and simple!

Care instructions for Viking’s shoes

Viking provide thorough care instructions for their shoes, so that they last for as long as possible. A basic rule is that Gore-Tex shoes should never be washed in the washing machine. Viking’s children's shoes without Gore-Tex can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees. To clean Gore-Tex shoes, wipe them with a damp cloth. Always dry shoes at room temperature. Rubber boots should always be kept in an environment where it is dry and dark so ensure longevity. We always recommend that you read the product description and care instructions carefully before using your shoes.

Viking online at Footway

At Footway you will find more than 200 models from Viking, for kids as well as for adults. Place your order and then prepare to be surprised at how quickly your shoes arrive. Our shipping speeds are legendary!

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